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With twenty years experience and many contacts with the media we will make sure your event is heard and talked about in all the right places. We will continue to push your event for as long as you need, to make a long lasting impression on the right people.

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Gewürztraminer im Sonnenlicht"6th International Symposium of Gewürztraminer"
5th – 7th July 2007/Tramin (South Tyrol)

Together with the Gewürztraminerverein (association of the Gewürztraminer) the ThreeGroup is organizing in Tramin the "6th international Symposium of Gewürztraminer" from the 5th to the 7th July.

The ThreeBee Group takes care of the press office, too. In the beautiful Castle Rechtenthal and the citizen house of Tramin, the guests can participate in tutored Gewürztraminer tasting and cooking lessons, as well as lectures and discussions concerning cultivation and vinification to gain new insight into this gorgeous grape.

Influential wine journalist David Schildknecht [] of Robert Parker’s Wine Advocate will present and comment on his selection from among the world’s best and most distinctive Gewürztraminer, including a special selection from North America.

How well this aromatic white wine fits with chocolate will be demonstrated by German wine expert Prof. Ulrich Fischer [], head of the Department of Viticulture and Enology DLR Rheinpfalz. The chocolate master of the renowned chocolate workshop of Perugina [] will show you how to prepare delicious truffles with Gewürztraminer or its grappa. We will also learn a lot about Gewürztraminer grappa. As Highlight, the three-star-chef Heinz Beck [] of the restaurant "La Pergola", Hilton Rome will serve a refined gourmet menu ideal to be accompanied by the noble Gewürztraminer, presented by Marco Reitano [], the Sommelier of "La Pergola".

An exotic experience will be presented by Joseph Peter [], the chef of the restaurant "Mangostin", Munich, who will take his guests on a culinary voyage of discovery to the Far East. Accompanied by Asian food the Gewürztraminer displays its full range of aromatic diversity and adaptility. The German wine-journalist Steffen Maus [] will select the wines and explain his choice.

More information:
Press release[pdf: 25 KB]
Programme[pdf: 665 KB - german]

"Antica Fattoria di Vaira – communication and press office 2006"
Petacciato/Campobasso, 2006

For the farm "Antica Fattoria di Vaira", the ThreeBee Group has organized various activities of public relations:
- an educational tour in November 2006, a weekend introduction for national and international journalists to the Farm di Vaira in the not- well known region of Molise
- Presentation of their olive oil production at the Olivenölmesse in Munich/ Bavaria in May 2006

The farm "Antica Fattoria di Vaira", a huge agriculture-zoogenic farm of Molise (Petacciato/Campobasso), with its 530 hectares of surface and situated in a landscape and environment of enormous value, is an extraordinary didactic Farm, the greatest in Europe.
The manager, Dr. Pasquale di Lena, former manager of the Enoteca Italiana at Siena, gives immense importance to the tradition, innovation and social engagement of the Italian agricultural world.
The farm "Antica Fattoria di Vaira" takes great care to produce in a biological and environmentally friendly way. They offer a great variety of products such as high-quality wine, olive oil (Dop), pasta, cheeses and vegetables.

"AssoDistil - Association of Italian Distillers
- Annual National Assembly 2004".
Rome, piazza Sallustio, Horti Sallustiani, May 28th, 2004.
The assembly concentrated on two themes: 
grappa - production and attitude of the consumers
bio-ethanol - the commercial use of bio-ethanol in petrol and new legislation.
The ThreeBee Group has overseen the press office duties for the assembly.

"Atlas of the Human Brain" -
2nd completely revised edition, 2004.
During the anual conference of the Society of Neuroscience in November 2003, this basic neuroscientific publication was published by Academic Press/Elsevier Verlag. The European presentation of the book took place in Rome, at the Fondazione Santa Lucia, on March 17th 2004.
Threebee Group was responsible for the press conference and the presentation during the "International Brainweek".

"The 6th christmas of sportsmen and -women"

Fondazione Santa Lucia, Rome, via Ardeatina, 11th December 2003.
A lot of sportsmen and women, politicians and scientists were rewarded for their support of health and sports.
Pressreview and Press-Release [pdf 55 + 95 KB - italian]

"Fifth Global conference on Drug Abuse Prevention - A Forum and Institute on Drug Demand Reduction".

Auditorium Della Tecnica, Viale dell'Astronomia 30, Rome and the Hotel Selene, Via Pontina Pomezia, 22nd - 26th September 2003.
Italian press compilation: 23. | 24. | 25. 9. 2003 (pdf)

Sensi diVini - The secret of the brain in tasting".
Wine Academy, Rome, 28th 2003.
Press office for the scientific study conducted by the Santa Lucia Foundation (IRCCS) in Rome.

"The Human Brain Conference - Structural Basis for Understanding Human Brain Function and Dysfunction".
Fondazione Santa Lucia, Rome, October 5th– 10th, 2002.
More than 50 neuro-scientists working from various structural, functional and clinico-pathological perspectives united to exchange ideas and approaches on the functional structure of the human brain.
"21st Century Slavery – The Human Rights Dimension to Trafficking in Human Beings"
Pontifical Gregorian University, Rome, May 15th -16th, 2002.
H.E. Jim Nicholson, the Ambassador of United States of America to the Holy See invited leading figures from international non-governmental and human rights organizations, clergymen, ambassadors and diplomats to develop strategies against human slavery.

"Living Gods on Earth"

Photo exhibition presenting rare and unique photographs of unknown Indian folk and tribal traditions.