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We organize events like

  • fashion shows
  • performances
  • concerts
  • celebrations in private villas and archeological sites
  • happenings in discothèques and clubs
  • Grand Gala events

and cultural events 

  • conferences
  • exhibitions
  • author lectures
  • round-table discussion
  • or any other type of cultural meetings

Here our experience and personal contacts come to the fore as we provide you with the perfect setting for your event Our contacts with the media and press will give your project the attention it deserves, and we will create a stunning show, however far your budget stretches.

We will give you a free consultation, to ascertain what kind of atmosphere your event needs. We will discuss exactly what we can conjure up with your budget regarding music, entertainment, and beautiful decor.

We are familiar with all the major Grand Gala event locations in Rome (at promotional rates), but we can also suggest original and exclusive locations such as private villas and terraces with stunning panoramas of Rome and archaeological sites which are generally closed to the public.


"6th International Symposium of Gewürztraminer"
5th – 7th July 2007/Tramin (South Tyrol)

Logo: Tramin SymposioTogether with the Gewürztraminerverein (association of the Gewürztraminer) the ThreeGroup is organizing in Tramin the "6th international Symposium of Gewürztraminer" from the 5th to the 7th July.

The ThreeBee Group takes care of the press office, too. In the beautiful Castle Rechtenthal and the citizen house of Tramin, the guests can participate in tutored Gewürztraminer tasting and cooking lessons, as well as lectures and discussions concerning cultivation and vinification to gain new insight into this gorgeous grape.

Influential wine journalist David Schildknecht [] of Robert Parker’s Wine Advocate will present and comment on his selection from among the world’s best and most distinctive Gewürztraminer, including a special selection from North America.

How well this aromatic white wine fits with chocolate will be demonstrated by German wine expert Prof. Ulrich Fischer [], head of the Department of Viticulture and Enology DLR Rheinpfalz. The chocolate master of the renowned chocolate workshop of Perugina [] will show you how to prepare delicious truffles with Gewürztraminer or its grappa. We will also learn a lot about Gewürztraminer grappa. As Highlight, the three-star-chef Heinz Beck [] of the restaurant "La Pergola", Hilton Rome will serve a refined gourmet menu ideal to be accompanied by the noble Gewürztraminer, presented by Marco Reitano [], the Sommelier of "La Pergola".

An exotic experience will be presented by Joseph Peter [], the chef of the restaurant "Mangostin", Munich, who will take his guests on a culinary voyage of discovery to the Far East. Accompanied by Asian food the Gewürztraminer displays its full range of aromatic diversity and adaptility. The German wine-journalist Steffen Maus [] will select the wines and explain his choice.

For more information:
Press release [pdf: 20 KB]
Program [in italian language - pdf: 690 KB]

"Destination India", Rome, Villa Miani, 6th November 2006

In cooperation with the Indian event organisation "Showtime Events India" the ThreeBee Group organized the gala-reception of the Indian-Italian forum "Destination India" in the Villa Miani in Rome.

The forum was supported by, the Confindustria (Association of the Italian Industrial Entrepreneurs), the ABI (Union of Italian Banks and Finance Institutes) and the ICE (Italian National Institute of Foreign Trade Relations), as well as by a delegation of the Italian government and the Indian Embassy.

The event was inaugurated by Luca di Montezemolo, president of the Confindustria, chairperson and managing director of Ferrari and Maserati as well as chairperson of FIAT.
The event then continued with an impressive dance performance of a 16-headed Indian show group under the management of the world-famous Indian choreographer Shiamak Davar. The dinner was served in the ball room with a beautiful view on the eternal city.

Guests included numerous entrepreneurs from Italy and India, as well as high-ranking politicians of both countries, for example the minister for International Trade Relations, Emma Bonino, the presidents of the ABI and the ICE Corrado Faissola and Umberto Fattani, the Indian ambassador Rajiv Dogra, the President of the Indian Chamber of Commerce Saroj Kumar Poddar and the Indian Industry minister Kamal Nath.

Sensi diVini - Die Weinprobe findet im Kopf statt -

Symposium at Würzburg/Veitshöchheim for wine lovers and gourmets
(The wine-tasting takes place in the mind)

May, 06th, 2006: Wine experts and scientists talk and discuss with you in a comprehensible language how to train your sensory abilities to distinguish tastes and smells with greater sensitivity, clarity and pleasure. The speeches are "tastefully" packed with pleasure: e.g., practical exercises during the wine-tasting, excursions in the world or wine, so that you can closely experience the production of noble wines of Franconia, and a five-course menu accompanied by wines from the cellars of the surroundings.

Place: Bayrische Landesanstalt für Weinbau und Gartenbau, Veitshöchheim ( Staatlicher Hofkeller im Gewölbe der Residenz Würzburg ( and the surroundings of Würzburg

Invited speakers: Scientists and wine experts

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Schloss Maretsch "Sensi diVini - The wine-tasting takes place in the mind"
the 19th of april 2006 for wine lovers and gourmets at the Castle Mareccio at Bolzano

As the opening event to the wine fair "Weinkost" of Bolzano (from the 20th to the 22nd of april) renowned scientists, wine experts, and the three-star chef Heinz Beck, La Pergola, Hilton Rome, explain how to taste wine by 'using your brain', how to find the right wine to combine to excellent food to intensify your tasting experience, because a trained knowledge of wine can enrich the pleasure of tasting.

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Sensi diVini - Die Weinprobe findet im Kopf statt -
Symposium at Düsseldorf for Doctors and Medical Press

(The wine-tasting takes place in the mind)

January, 25th, 2006: Symposium and presentation of the German version of the book "Wine & the Mind": „Sensi diVini - Die Weinprobe findet im Kopf statt“
followed by a "8 flights"-lunch combined with excellent wines
Place: Restaurant Dado at the Innside Résidence Hotel, Düsseldorf
Invited speakers: Scientists and wine experts

Sensi diVini - Die Weinprobe findet im Kopf statt -
Symposium at Hamburg for the Wine&Food Press
(The wine-tasting takes place in the mind)

November, 28th , 2005: Symposium and presentation of the German version of the book "Wine & the Mind": „Sensi diVini - Die Weinprobe findet im Kopf statt" followed by a four courses lunch
Place: Restaurant Allegria ("Jeunes Restaurateurs d'Europe") at Hamburg
Invited speakers: Scientists, wine experts and the three-star chef Heinz Beck, La Pergola, Rome.

Presentation of the book "Il Mistero della Terra senza il Male",
Nica Fiori,
published by Appunti di viaggi, Libreria Alice,
Rome, Piazza della Chiesa Nuova, 10th November 2005 at 19.30

The story takes place in the 18th century in South-America. A young italian archeologist wants to discover the world of the indios Guaranì and the esoteric city of Erix but he will discover much more.

Delizie di una Campania nascosta,
Rome, Associazione della Stampa Estera, via dell' Umiltà, October, 20th , 2005.

At this event the G.A.L. Partenio- Taburno Valle Caudina (local, agricultural collaboration) presents the typical products of its region Campania, such as the sheep cheese "Pecorino", the creamy cheese "Ricotta", different types of regional sausages like the famous "Salsiccia", as well as its wines like the "Aglianico DOC", the "Fiano di Avellino DOCG" and the "Greco di Tufo DOCG".

International Brain Awareness Week, 
Rome, Fondazione Santa Lucia, 15/17th March, 2004.

For the International Brain Awareness Week - (Dana Foundation, 15th and 21st March, 2004) the ThreeBee Group organized two events at the Fondazione Santa Lucia in Rome. The first event  was entitled "What is Alzheimer's Disease?: problems, research and cures".
The second event answered the question "The Human Brain - An Open Book?". It  concentrated on the European launch of a ground breaking book and CD with 3D images, "Atlas of the Human Brain".
We took care also of the press office.

Prize giving of the "Ampolla d'Oro" from  the Enoteca Italiana to Heinz Beck, 
Rome, Palazzo Rospigliosi, 21st February, 2004.

We organised the prize giving of the prestigious "Ampolla d'oro" from the Enoteca Italiana to Star Chef Heinz Beck, from the "La Pergola" restaurant at the Hilton Hotel, Rome.