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Sensi diVini

"Sensi diVini - Wine & the Mind" - The Book

… was edited by Dr. Benigna Mallebrein and the Neuro-Anatomist Prof. Dr. Jürgen Mai with the support of the Assessorato Regionale Agricoltura e Foreste of the Region Sicily, Palermo, Italy.


“In order to taste wine in the correct way, not only a good tongue and a flowery vocabulary but also a receptive and trained brain are required.” The fMRI study about the “Brain of the Sommelier” presented here demonstrates that wine tasting is more than an emotional, hedonistic experience. It is accompanied by complex processes, the interplay of several primary sensory qualities, vision, the sense of taste and smell as also higher cognitive functions which are from the part as well. How does the brain collect and process sensory information? Can it be trained? Can we learn to distinguish tastes and smells in new ways? Questions like these are especially important to anyone interested in learning about wine. To taste and enjoy wine correctly is an art, which one can learn with constant and consistent practice. A deep knowledge of wine can increase the taste experience as this first study about wine-tasting proves. Leading scientists present a clear, comprehensible introduction to sensory response in the brain and the role of the mind in the enjoyment of wine and food. They admit us into the secrets of sensory perception in wine tasting and make suggestions about how we can enhance it in order to elicit a higher pleasure from those much-loved droplets. No scientific background or knowledge is required to enjoy the reading of this booklet.

English version: "Sensi diVini - Wine & the Mind"
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